Alumni News

Posted at 2022/07/27

Alumni Success Stories: Aishabibi Ashimbekova, UC Berkeley Graduate

Congratulations to Aishabibi, who has successfully graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in astrophysics.

Posted at 2022/07/22

Alumni Success Stories: Aisha Bikebayeva, Parsons School of Design

We would like to introduce Aisha, who graduated from Haileybury Almaty in 2020, and despite all the challenges of the post pandemics, Aisha shows impressive results in her studies and work!

Posted at 2022/05/25

Alumni Success Story: Shyngys, the University of Cambridge

Shyngys Bilyalov, 2019 graduate of the Haileybury Almaty, student at the University of Cambridge.

Posted at 2020/05/25

Alumni Success Story: Sanzhar, UCL

"I have eventually worked my way up and graduated Haileybury with excellent grades, which allowed me to get into UCL. After studying Mechanical Engineering for 3 years now, I am convinced that critical thinking and creativity are the skills that really separate the best engineers from others above mathematical competence and knowledge of any other subject. I was fortunate enough to obtain a great foundation at Haileybury to be successful at university."